Victoria Beckham is 44 years old today. Yesterday she celebrated her friend, Eva Longoria, at her Walk of Fame Ceremony. Looks like H7 was there with her: 


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And all her children later on: 


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Going by the caption, it was David Beckham taking the photo. 

He posted the same one on his IG today and I want to talk about his caption:


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As Maria has mentioned, her greatest celebrity split fear is the Beckhams. She’s always anxious about them. There are constantly rumours that Victoria and David live separate lives. Over in the UK, every few months or so, the papers are hinting at his partying, and who he spends time with. And no one has forgotten about, you know, what happened before. 

But given that they’re together for her birthday – and they were just at Disney together with the kids (minus Brooklyn who went to Coachella) on the weekend – Maria can relax for a week, right? No problem here? 

A question for those of you who are parents because I’m not a parent but I had some feelings about that Instagram caption, and how he calls her “mummy”. Maybe it pinged me because a friend of mine once pointed it out to me that she finds it annoying when husbands consistently refer to their wives as “mummy”, like that’s the only way they see them. Do you have thoughts on this? And do you have thoughts on this as it relates to the Beckhams? 


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