There was a lot of metallic on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night. Sequins count as metallic. And the standout here in sequin, for me, was Viola Davis. It was caped, it was a rich brown/aubergine, she looked glorious in this dress – so luxurious and regal and radiant. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I am obsessed with Shakira’s new song “53”. And it seems like a lot of people around the world are too because she’s blowing up on Spotify and YouTube while putting Gerard Pique on blast. She’s also blasting the song at full volume from her house, apparently, and one of the lyrics is about how she’s stuck with his parents as her neighbours which is why people think she put up a witch on the balcony to face their house, LOLOLOLOLOL. (Dlisted) 

OMG finally more people are talking about Singles Inferno! I was obsessed with season one last year, season two premiered recently on Netflix and I just finished last week and I totally agree that it’s the “rare reality dating series that actually feels real”. There really is nothing more real than what happens on episode eight this season. You can’t fake that sh-t. It’s also a showcase for how dating styles are different from culture to culture – in this case Korean culture. (Pajiba) 


I don’t really have feelings either way about Anya Taylor-Joy’s Dior look at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Maybe it wanted to be more of a conversation than it actually was? I do however have feelings about her hairstyle. Didn’t do it for me at all. (Cele|bitchy) 

Jeremy Clarkson wrote a heinous article about Meghan Markle just before Christmas. Around the same time he was invited to a holiday event hosted by Camilla the Queen Consort. He offered a half-ass apology. Now Amazon is seriously rethinking their relationship with him so he’s posted another “apology”, explaining that he apologised privately…but it turns out he apologised directly to Prince Harry but not Meghan. (Variety)