News broke earlier this week that Britney Spears’s wedding to Sam Asghari was set for yesterday, Thursday, June 9, in Los Angeles. TMZ had the initial scoop and then PEOPLE and other mainstream American entertainment outlets followed with their own reporting. Then yesterday, early afternoon LA time, a minor twist – Jason Alexander, married to Britney for 55 hours in Vegas in 2004, livestreamed himself trying to crash the wedding. He was arrested and everything proceeded as planned. 


And the plans have now been revealed in Vogue. Vogue posted their world exclusive first thing this morning, with five shots from the wedding, including two of Britney and Sam, and one of Britney’s custom Versace wedding dress hanging on a mannequin. Donatella was one of the guests at the event, along with Madonna, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Paris and Kathy Hilton, Maria Menounos,, and…um… Ansel Elgort. 


There was a time, say early on in Britney’s career, when celebrity wedding access was sold and featured in a weekly, like PEOPLE. As we have seen now, though, the prestige move is to give it to Vogue – and as Britney remains one of the most intriguing popstars on the planet, despite the fact she’s scaled back her public presence, of course Vogue would want the feature. Even if, let’s be honest, this particular star wedding feature is about as scaled back as it gets. 

All of the shots of Britney, the main event of this story, obviously, are pretty much the same, taken from the same angle. And even though Vogue has insider details about the wedding, with quotes from the wedding planner, and Charlotte Tilbury who did her makeup, and information about the jewels and other party anecdotes, you’ll note that the mention in the Vogue article of Britney’s three outfit changes (all Versace), including a red minidress, were not accompanied by photos. 


Maybe Britney is saving it to post on her own Instagram (she hasn’t mentioned the wedding on IG, at least not that I’ve seen) or maybe we’ll never see it because it’s not ours to see. And that’s the lingering conundrum where Britney is concerned these days. 

We have collectively, and personally in my case, had to reckon with how Britney was treated by the public and the media for far too long and the profound impact that had on her personal life. She has made it clear that she has no interest in the kind of spotlight she occupied back then. She keeps a safe distance now between herself and the world. So even though it’s undeniable that people still care about her (so much), the question is how much should we care? What are her preferred limits to that caring? 


Every image and dancing video she posts on IG results in all kinds of conversation about Britney ranging from cheering to concern. News of her wedding has dominated entertainment headlines and social media this week. She’s allowed Vogue the bare minimum of coverage of the wedding which only fuels public interest. I can already sense myself wanting more. Like when Vogue tells me that she, Madonna, and Selena danced to “Toxic”, I’m like f-ck, I want to see that, can we get a photo?! Because that’s the shot that would break the internet, right? 

It's greed. Insatiable greed. The world has always been greedy where Britney is concerned. 

Attached: Madonna, Drew, and Donatella arriving at and leaving the wedding. 

UPDATE: Aaaaaand…here they are, photos of Britney with her celebrity wedding guests, including a shot of her and Madonna recreating the KISS. Check TMZ for the pictures.

And this!