Ever since it was announced that George Clooney would be directing Ben Affleck in the film adaptation for The Tender Bar, I’ve been saying that this film will have awards potential. George and Ben have already won an Oscar together, Best Picture no less, for Argo. The screenplay for The Tender Bar was written by William Monahan, who has an Oscar for writing The Departed. And, of course, the source material is excellent, about a man who reflects back on his neighbourhood bar and the people from that community who mentored him. 


So, not surprisingly, we now have a release date for the film, and it is indeed positioned to make an award season run. The Tender Bar will open in New York and LA December 17 and wide the week later, and then Prime Video January 7, just in time for the holiday season, but more significantly, for Oscar consideration – and Oscar voters to see. 

Which means that as we getter deeper into award season – and it’s kinda started now, by the way, with the Venice and Toronto festivals behind us and contenders beginning to emerge – George and Ben will be on the campaign circuit. Interestingly enough, depending on how well The Last Duel is received, Ben could be doing double duty on the campaign circuit, as he co-wrote the screenplay for that film, is a co-producer, and has a supporting role. Both projects, then, can support each other…


Speaking of supporting, with The Tender Bar, given this release schedule which is unmistakably about the Oscars, as I’ve been predicting, Ben could receive his first acting nomination in the supporting category for The Tender Bar. 

With Jennifer Lopez by his side? 

Are we staring down the possibility of a Bennifer awards season! With Clooneys? 

That’s your money shot right there: JLo and Amal Clooney. But NO JINX. 

Protect them. Do not f-cking complain about them. Bennifer is the best thing to happen to pop culture in 2021 – let them ride their glow through the fall and winter, maybe all the way to the Oscars. 

Attached - Ben out for ice cream in LA with his kids the other day.