Dear Gossips, 

Today is the start of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend with Trooping the Colour. I woke up just in time to turn on the livestream and see Her Majesty step onto the balcony, in her shades, with other senior members of the British royal family to watch the flypast. Here’s what that moment looked like: 


Probably the coolest moment of the flypast was seeing those planes form a “70” formation, followed by the red, white, and blue finale. 

As impressive as the air show was though, I actually really enjoyed the Prince Louis Show. He was the littlest royal on the balcony, having turned four not too long ago, which means he’s still allowed to be himself, so all of his reactions were spontaneous and unchecked. 


At first he seemed a little sleepy – which makes sense because it’s a long day for kids – propping his elbows up on the railing. There followed moments of excitement as the planes flew by overhead and at one point he put his finger in his mouth and appeared to pick his teeth and, of course, as you saw in the video above, he covered his ears when it got too loud. This should be a royal tradition we look forward to as well: the kid who protests the noise, LOL: 


And of course his outfit: the sailor suit worn by his father in 1985:

It has been a perfect and precise day, as royals do. Like I said a few weeks ago, it’s one of my favourite things about the British royal family – how punctual they are for events like these, how on schedule they always are, even when the occasion involves thousands of people from service personnel to civilians, somehow they time their sh-t down to the second. And then you have celebrities who can’t even make it to a premiere on time. Can’t… or won’t? 


Anyway, as flawless as it all was, you know what Trooping the Colour could have used a little more of?

Could have used a little more Top Gun, LOL. More specifically a Top Gun fist-pump. 

Tom Cruise Fist Pump
The Fist Pump

Yours in gossip,