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Last night after the American vice presidential debate, the trailer for the special West Wing episode reunion aired on CNN. HBO Max has yet to release it online. A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote premieres a week today on October 15. We don’t get HBO Max here in Canada but Crave usually has access to almost all of HBO programming so I’m hoping that’s where it’ll be because I miss them! I want to weep as soon as I hear the music!


As you can see, most members of the original cast have returned for a theatrical stage presentation of the episode “Hartsfield Landing” from season three. Promotional photos from production have been shared over the last few days and it was confirmed earlier this week that Sterling K Brown will be playing Leo, stepping in for the late John Spencer. And at some point during the episode there will be a message from Michelle Obama. 

Here are some of the shots. Thread below:


Also, look at CJ! And Charlie!

I know. The show was earnest and longwinded and didactic and as we all know now, was too ideal a representation of the American political system. (F-cking Sorkin!) But this was a show about make-believe people who worked really hard because they cared about the people they were working for…which… can you say that about the real people who are in the White House right now? Right now I’m in the mood for a little corny. 

A throwback West Wing corny moment then to start the day. God I loved how much President Bartlet and Charlie loved each other. 


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PS. No but seriously, what is Rob Lowe’s secret? It’s crazy. Sam looks totally the same.