Dear Gossips, 

Four days to go until the Met Gala and…wait a minute…

Here’s Rihanna heading to catch an early morning flight out of New York where she’s been for a few days since spending last week in Paris and presumably going through the Lagerfeld Fendi archive.


So does that mean she WON’T be at the Met Gala? With celebrities and private jets, they can fly anywhere anytime and criss-cross the country and it’s not a thing. So there’s obviously enough time between now and Monday for her to return to NYC. But some people say too much travel can be hard when you’re pregnant. That said, it’s not like Rihanna travels rough. Being on her jet is probably more comfortable than most of our homes. 

So is she going or not?! 

I guess this is the whole point and why they keep that guest list under lock. Part of the fun is anticipating who will show. 


While we can’t solve the Rihanna mystery today, there are a LOT of celebrities who are now in New York. It’s always a pretty busy schedule for celebrities in New York but this week seems especially buzzy with the Tiffany & Co reopening and the TIME 100 gala last night. 

In addition to the stars who were at both those events yesterday, Tracee Ellis Ross, who’s become a Met Gala regular the last few days, was seen in NYC yesterday in a peachy pantsuit. 

Tracee Ellis Ross attends the 2023 Brooklyn Artists Ball on April 25, 2023 in Brooklyn, New York

Katy Perry is currently in New York and so is Hailey Bieber. One of the people I’m most excited to see at the Met Gala is Teyana Taylor who can always be counted on to bring it. 


Check out this jacket she was wearing last night. I don’t know what to call those pearl straps that are crossing her body but it’s a super cool accessory. 

Teyana Taylor exits the Hennessy Kim Jong event
Teyana Taylor exits the Hennessy Kim Jong event in Soho on April 26, 2023

On that note, as we countdown to the Met Gala on Monday, Duana just sent me this video – maybe we should all just pack it up because who’s gonna be better at fashion commentary than this kid?!

Yours in gossip,