Britney Spears’s memoir, The Woman in Me, was released last Tuesday and has been a smash hit. People are reading the book, listening to the book, talking about the book, meme-ing details from the book…


We can’t get enough of the book. Which is why Hollywood wants a piece of it. Per Deadline: 

“…bids are coming in already, even though CAA has put it out there that it could be a TV series, a feature film or a documentary.”

It’s one thing to bid – of course they’re bidding, this project would be big hype, big money. With Britney though, given that she says she’s still processing and healing from the trauma, and she didn’t even want to do the audio for her own book because it was too difficult to go over, yet again, what she had experienced, will she want to WATCH that on screen? I mean, she doesn’t have to watch. She could sign the deal, take the cheque, and avoid the visuals. But that certainly would be a consideration. 


If this does move forward though, what form would it take? A documentary, I think, would require Britney’s participation, especially since there have already been documentaries in which her voice was not heard – not speaking to camera, now, looking back on her life with her current perspective.

A scripted film or series then? Imagine casting that?! Imagine what it would be like for the actor who could eventually be cast as THE Britney Spears?!

Not that it’s up to us but, like, there are certain scenes in the book that we all want to see adapted to screen, right? 

It was already thrilling – and more than enough! – that Michelle Williams narrated this part: 


Now imagine it reenacted? So that you’re not just hearing it but watching it?!

Fo shiz, fo shiz! 

We want this, right? I don’t know that we NEED it. We probably don’t need it. But if there’s a world in which the want and the need could align, this would be a gift to mankind.