One major reason Disney+ Day felt like nothing—besides the fact that it is hollow marketing, and thus, actual nothing—is that they didn’t have full trailers for anything they were showing off. It was all title treatments and single images, like the ten-second teaser for Secret Invasion that is just a moving image of Samuel L. Jackson, or the Hocus Pocus 2 first look that is just a photo of the Sanderson sisters. You can’t hype something and deliver nothing, and for the level of hype Disney+ Day got, they didn’t deliver nearly enough. But they DID give us a brief teaser for Moon Knight and oh, what on EARTH is Oscar Isaac DOING with his VOICE? Check it out:



I didn’t think it was possible to make Oscar Isaac unattractive, but that voice just about does it. There is a run of Moon Knight comics from the 1980s in which Isaac’s character, Marc Spector, has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and I can only hope this voice is part of that, and we’re not going to have to listen to Oscar Isaac talk like that WHOLE time, or else my ears might revolt. Other than the voice, I guess this looks fine. It’s thirty seconds, it’s impossible to tell. There is a hint of maybe a horror vibe going on, which works for the “ancient gods possessing people” angle. Everyone talks about wanting to make a horror thing for Marvel, though, and then they never actually do it, so I’m not holding my breath on that. At best, maybe we’ll get something of a horror aesthetic. I just…can’t get over the voice. Marc Spector is supposed to be American, but who knows if that’s holding up for the MCU, or if they’ve changed it for reasons. I really hope it’s just a voice for one of the alternate identities and not something we’re going to have listen to a lot. Please don’t let that be Marc Spector’s actual, all-the-time speaking voice. Please. It’s a crush killer.


Another brief teaser is given to She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo. They appear together in the teaser, with Bruce Banner still in Professor Hulk mode from Endgame—though his arm seems fine? But when Bruce showed up in human form in Shang-Chi he still had a f-cked up arm?—educating his cousin, Jennifer Walters, on how to handle hulking out. There’s also something that looks like a 1970s commercial which is intriguing. Is that for Jennifer’s life as a lawyer? She-Hulk has been teased as a legal comedy a la Trial and Error (but probably not as good). If there are fake cheesy legal commercials like you see broadcast in the middle of the day when you’re home sick from work, that would be fun. I could get into that. Like everything else from Disney+ Day, though, this feels like more of a proof of concept than an actual teaser. There’s not enough here to get any sense of what She-Hulk will actually be, but I do like Tatiana Maslany marching places with purpose. It’s a good start, anyway.