We kick things off today with Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. If you've been listening to us for a while then you know we have inappropriate but very legal crushes on these two. So yes, it's safe to say we are very excited for their upcoming single together.

After that teeny-bop session it's time for your drama! First up, we hear from "Leena" who is dealing with a very messy girlfriend. And she's talking real messy. Rotting wet towels and crusty film all over the place. But as we find out, the grossest person of them all is Lainey.  


Then it's on to our next letter writer who is in a very troubling relationship with her ex husband who is her husband again??? This one is a doozy but Lainey and I are very much in agreement on what she needs to do.

Finally, we end on "Brandon" who is trying to decide if pursuing a new hot relationship with someone makes sense during Covid. Lainey detangles this one pretty quickly because as you know, nothing stands in the way of some good ol' fashioned D.

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