We start this week's podcast like most days and that's with a COVID rant. This time around though, I share my personal adventure on getting tested. As you can imagine, this was not ideal for me. In fact, going to get a COVID test was and is the riskiest thing I've done since lockdown. (Lainey: also, the story builds to something… hang in there for the payoff.) 


Enough about me, it's time for YOUR drama!  

Our first letter is from “Taylor” who is so over hearing about the toxic ins and outs of her friend “Selena” and her relationship with “Justin”. Yes, this might as well be a letter from Taylor Swift about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Then, we get to “R”. He writes in because he wants to make sure he's reading his current friendship situation right. I'm sure a lot of us have all been in R's position so if you have any good advice for him let me know and I'll pass it along.


Finally we end on “M” who wants to know if going braless to pick up her kids is a societal no-no. Which of course leads to Lainey flashing me over FaceTime.  

We hope you enjoy the show and keep sending me all your DRAMA! Send your advice questions my way at [email protected]. We also love hearing from you on Twitter at @sasha_tong and @laineygossip and Instagram at @lostandfoundapothecary and @laineygossip. And of course subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and make sure to leave feedback and comments because it helps others find our show!