Where Will The Wedding Be? 

While we wait for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to step out together for the first time in the UK and for the first time as an engaged couple (seriously, the British public are being introduced to her as his fiancée – like the word “whirlwind” actually applies here, more thoughts on this later), let’s talk about when and where. When is it happening? Will there be a carriage ride down The Mall? 

As I wrote in the open, Prince William and Kate Middleton confirmed their engagement on November 16, 2010. Exactly a week later, November 23, they confirmed their wedding date. Here’s how their official engagement announced read: 

Now compare that to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement statement: 

Note the difference? 

Will and Kate specified the wedding would happen in London. Of course they went on to marry at Westminster Abbey. With Harry and Meghan, there’s been no location specified. That might not mean anything. Maybe they’ve yet to decide. Or it could mean… Windsor? 

Prince William will be king one day. I’m not sure he had the choice. He would have had to do it the way he did it, with the huge ceremony and the ride up to Buckingham Palace, waving to the crowds along The Mall, and then gathering on the balcony for the kiss and the flyby. 

Harry, however, he’s not in the same position. He may not have to abide by the same expectations. If he wants to do it in an hour or so away in Windsor, for a more intimate setting, that’s possible too. Also probably, um, cheaper? It’s just that….well… Windsor is harder to get to. If it’s to be a national day of celebration, a day to be shared with the people (who, technically, support his prince-ness), and Harry has been the most popular royal of the family for the last few years running, London is certainly more accessible. London is where everyone can gather and participate.  

What’s your prediction?