Is it the same in your world as it is in mine? In that everyone I know who has seen season two of The White Lotus is obsessed with Lucia aka Simona Tabasco? My husband and I watched together, and we appreciated her together, hung on her every word, sat up a little straighter when she was onscreen. 


Simona Tabasco is mesmerising…and it’s not just about her looks, it’s her whole vibe, the energy just pops off screen. She is great with line delivery – everything she says has eight different meanings – she goes from funny to vulnerable to cunning to sweet before that dumdum Albie can even get out a single word. Seriously what an amazing casting decision by Mike White and his team. And she has earned every minute of the “breakout star” status that she is enjoying right now.

It also must be that much more fun for her to be riding this wave alongside Beatrice Grannó, who played Mia on the show. Simona, for me, was the standout, helped of course by the character and her impact on Albie and his family, but it’s not like Beatrice didn’t bring it. And we rooted for them as a team. Because no matter what game they were playing, no matter what their motivations were, they never turned on each other, they always had each other. Which is why they emerged from the week at The White Lotus not only unscathed but better off than ever. They won.


The winning continues as the two were brought back together by Kim Kardashian in the Valentine’s SKIMS campaign (very smart on Kim’s part) and are now in New York for Fashion Week, attending the Michael Kors show yesterday. And kinda sort dressed in character, right? 

Simona’s wearing red to match Lucia’s provocative energy and Beatrice with the feathers and the flapper hair and makeup is kinda serving Mia’s lounge singer vibe? It’s perfect. So perfect. And I hope that the similarities don’t end with the clothing. I hope, in some way, they f-ck over a rich pervy fashion asshole at some point during their trip. And then tell their story to Jessica Pressler for a piece in The Cut. And that becomes its own movie.