Over the weekend, outlets reported about Meryl Streep separating from her long-time spouse Don Gummer. This is unusual for a few reasons. First, it’s Meryl Streep. She is not a gossip magnet. Second, her marriage has been over for a relatively long time (six years) – why did the news get leaked now? Third, the stories were spurred by a blind item that appeared on DeuxMoi. 


This isn’t a typical Friday news dump about an A-list divorce. Meryl is not trying to make this go away because her marriage has never been something she has traded off of. She works (a lot) but she is one of the few actresses who doesn’t sell. She doesn’t have a perfume line and we don’t know what her kitchen looks like. She has kept the personal details of her life completely separate from her career for decades and there’s no indication that she wants that to change now. 

The story here is the leak. WHO would run to DeuxMoi to talk about a separation that happened six years ago. And why? That’s the question. Who sold Meryl Streep out?


There’s two ways this could have gone: a publication like PEOPLE got the scoop and before they were able to run it, it was leaked to DM. Or, someone went directly to DM and other outlets followed. Either way, it seems like there’s a rat in Meryl’s vicinity. 

After six years, many people around her probably guessed at the separation about this but again, Meryl is not running with a crew who has TMZ on speed dial. She’s made several high profile movies during that time, she’s attended events, she’s been doing her thing. No one has questioned her personal life. Her daughter married Mark Ronson and no leaks came out of that. 

It seems like someone had this information about her and sat on it until it was advantageous to use it. And even though she operates outside of the usual gossip machine, she might have an idea of who it is, not that she will tell us. We won’t even get a hint.


There is one other reason celebrities disclose a separation after a long time: an entanglement. Maybe one of them is now in a serious relationship and didn’t want that to become a story if people found out. What if paps caught her canoodling with her co-star Martin Short?! I kid… but not really. 

We Gossip Genie single celebrities all the time so think about it– these two make sense. He’s funny, she has a great laugh. They can both can sing a tune in front of the piano. They’ve worked together (and might get to again). They both seem like genuinely delightful people. OMG he can host the Oscars and she can win (another) Oscar. It’s kind of perfect. We need a cutesy nickname for them like Bennifer. Sheryl? Mort? Ok I need some help here but let’s make this happen.