ATLANTA WAS ROBBED. Robbin’ Season! How many all-caps hysterics did you see on your timelines last night declaring the same thing? The big mystery of the night could have been how one of the most unique, innovative, and brilliant shows on television didn’t walk away with a single award (except for Katt Williams for Guest Actor – Comedy Series, not televised) but the real enigma of the evening was WHO WAS TEDDY PERKINS? This mystery also induced all-caps hysteria. 

After Bill Hader’s name was announced as the winner of Lead Actor Comedy Series, a quick cutaway showed someone dressed as the now infamous, creepy as hell character from Atlanta. Immediately, we assumed that it was Donald Glover, ready to accept his award as Teddy Perkins. He and Bill Hader even shared a bro hug. 

Then, the plot thickened. A few commercial breaks later, Donald Glover was in a different seat, clapping in his custom Gucci suit, with no trace of Teddy on him. Plus, if you revisit that GIF of the bro hug, the height doesn’t match up. Donald Glover is a lot shorter than Bill Hader and Emmy Teddy looks about the same height or taller. He’s also slouching in a way that seems eerily similar to a Lakeith Stanfield slouch. So, it was Lakeith, right?


Both Donald and Lakeith were spotted at the Governors’ Ball with someone ELSE dressed as Teddy Perkins. WHAT IS HAPPENING? 

Donald Glover was not dressed as Teddy Perkins. Neither was Lakeith Stanfield. It seems like Donald’s plan was to accept his Emmy with Teddy creeping in the audience, which would have been fitting since we still don’t know if Donald actually played Teddy in Atlanta and if the show did win any awards, it would be due in large part to the pivotal Teddy Perkins episode of season two which launched a thousand think-pieces. This is what Donald Glover does so well. He provokes. He creates viral moments that get people talking and dissecting his every move. He didn’t win an Emmy and we still can’t stop talking about him and one of the most captivating TV characters of the year, which he created. HE IS SO GOOD AT THIS. 

Atlanta delivered a few good moments throughout the broadcast including Brian Tyree Henry’s reaction to all of Michael Che and Colin Josts’ “White Atlanta” jokes. 

Finally, ZAZIE BEETZ. Her hairstylist called her an “ethereal 70s goddess.” I’ll add literal flawless ridiculous angel Grecian queen from heaven-sent from Beyoncé. 


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