Pete Davidson’s BDE is having a cultural moment again this week after news broke that he and Emily Ratajkowski might be a thing


It started this past weekend when someone saw him and Emrata together in Brooklyn and sent it into DeuxMoi. Once that picked up traction on social media, Us Weekly jumped on the story citing sources who said that the two were dating…which… after the DeuxMoi eyewitness sighting, anyone could have made up that source quote, you know? 

Still, that was enough to get picked up by other media outlets like PEOPLE and Page Six and now the narrative is all about how these two are in the early stages and it’s been a couple of months and they’re having a great time getting to know each other, the idea being that they’re basically on their way to a relationship. 

But, really, all we have to go on is that the were all over each other in Brooklyn the other day. Why is that we are so compelled to jump from two people making out to This Could Be Serious?! A month ago Emrata was papped deep-kissing a man who was Not Brad Pitt in New York. That, clearly, hasn’t turned into anything seriously. And it doesn’t have to. 


Emrata just came out of a marriage that seemingly ended badly. She’s single again after a few years. Can’t she just be DTF? And can’t we talk about that like it’s normal? She just said on her podcast episode with Julia Fox that she really likes sex. It’s the perfect time for her to have a lot of sex right now. And that doesn’t mean she has to have it with just one person. But it’s almost like we’re afraid to talk about that possibility – that a single woman with resources and freedom can’t just move from one lover to the next without commitment because that’s all she wants in her life right now. 

Which is why we’re getting all these headlines that read “Emily and Pete are dating” when, probably, they’re just f-cking. That’s what I’d be doing if I were her at this point in her life. What’s the rush for anything more? 

Emrata was on Seth Meyers last night but did not talk about Pete. Photos attached of her at the Swarovski event in New York a couple of days ago.