Jennifer Aniston isn’t known to be a super frequent Instagram user. She’s not inactive but it’s not an everyday thing. If she’s out promoting a movie or a TV project, she’ll post consistently about her work which is what she was doing when Murder Mystery 2 came out, but it’s never a barrage. Lately though, like over the last three weeks, by her standards she’s been pretty present on IG. And most of those posts are related to her brand partnerships. 


Jen is the chief creative officer at Vital Proteins. So a couple of weeks ago she was sharing what goes in her coffee. 


The next post after that was for her haircare line, LolaVie, which is now available at Ulta Beauty. So she shared a video of herself going to Ulta undercover and leaving with some of her own products. 


This weekend it was another LolaVie post, making headlines not for the product but for the fact that you could see some grey hair at her forehead. 


This is new for her, right? I don’t recall her ever showing her grey. Is this just a case of her getting behind on her touch-up or the beginning of her grey era? Maybe it really is the start of a new era, because just this morning she announced a new partnership – this time with a fitness company, Pvolve. And that same bit of grey is visible in the promotional video. 

Curious to see whether or not Jen’s grey will carry over to the red carpet. Apple has yet to announce the premiere date of The Morning Show season 3 although it’s expected to release in the fall. Until then, it looks like Jen should have a pretty open summer which might be why she’s letting grey in?