How do you feel about fishnet shoes? There was fishnet all over the Chanel runway for the spring/summer 2023 collection with fishnets added to the classic Mary Janes that went just above the ankle and also all the way up to the knee in both black and white


I LOVE the look of this. Because I’m all about a sheer sock with a Mary Jane and this is similar, although sheer socks are slouchier and fishnet is a specific energy, it’s only fishnet when there’s grip and tension, that’s the only way to get the stretch required to see the netting, so I don’t know if the top band is an issue with the Chanels until I try them for myself. 

But the point is, I’m not opposed to a fishnet shoe when it’s done a certain way. Which brings us to Jennifer Lawrence in her fishnet shoes while out in New York this week. These are not at all the same idea as the Chanel. Because of the toes. I can do a fishnet shoe but the toes have to not be fishnet. The cap toe of the Chanel works as an anchor, it gives the shoe structure. Without the toe, JLaw’s fishnet shoe don’t have any structure. It looks… a bit cheap? They’re likely not cheap at all, but they look cheap. 

Are they about to become a trend? Like the way Crocs became trendy and normalised and now it’s considered stylish to rock out with Crocs-style shoes (which, by the way, I have not jumped on and never will)? Is that happening with the fishnet flat no-toe shoe?