The Academy today announced its first round of Oscar presenters. It’s a pretty good list. And remember, there’s been some presenter drama as the Screen Actors Guild called out the Academy a few weeks ago for supposedly trying to sabotage their presenters list. Constance Wu and Awkwafina are repping Crazy Rich Asians. (They both, by the way, presented at the SAGs but they were both nominees in the Best Ensemble so, I guess, the Academy made allowances for that or, you know, they couldn’t hold to their edict of cancelling presenters if they presented at other shows.) As for the others – Chris Evans and Brie Larson are repping Marvel, and maybe Tessa Thompson too; Tina Fey will be at the Oscars with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph; as will Whoopi Goldberg, Amandla Stenberg, and Charlize Theron. Like I said, that’s a solid early batch. Oh and Jennifer Lopez. 

JLo isn’t new to Oscar presenting and being an Oscar presence but hasn’t been to the Oscars since 2015. Which means she hasn’t been to the Oscars since she and Alex Rodriguez started dating. They just celebrated two years together. She commemorated it on Instagram. Of course she did. JLo loves love. And she loves sharing how much she loves love.


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You think they agreed on the photo selection together? You can’t see his face in the first shot. But you can see her face smiling adoringly at him. That probably works big for his ego. 

From the moment these two confirmed they were together, it made sense. You saw the headline – “Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez dating!” – and you were like…yeah, right, of course, why didn’t we think of it sooner? 

So if he goes with her to the Oscars, it’s not going to be the almost pained expression we saw on Ben Affleck.


That was nearly 16 years ago. The Oscars were still held in March before Bennifer was broken. JLo hasn’t had a proper date to the Oscars (and not just the Vanity Fair Oscar party) since 2010 when she and Marc Anthony were still married. I remember what that was like, every time he went with her. She was the main attraction on the red carpet and the look on his face… 

It wasn’t like how ARod looks when he’s with her – which is surprise to me because this guy isn’t exactly a wallflower. But, as we’ve seen, he’s her ultimate fanboy, something neither Ben nor Marc were capable of, at least not publicly. Something to look forward to on February 24: the love spectacle of JRod, if he goes with her, that is. WHAT ELSE WOULD HE HAVE TO DO THAT NIGHT?!

Attached - JLo and ARod leaving the gym in Miami the other day.