Dear Gossips,

The Emmy nominations are later today – Duana’s analysis will follow the announcements and I told her this morning that I’m waiting to see how pissed she’s going to be about her beloved and the critically acclaimed The Americans. She has been judging me – and you – for a long time on Show Your Work about watching it, about how great it is, and about how it’s been largely ignored by the Television Academy. The Americans concluded its run recently and this week alone, it’s been reported that Keri Russell has been cast in Star Wars: Episode IX and in an upcoming Guillermo del Toro (the reigning Oscar Best Director) film called Antlers. This is not an accident. Her work in The Americans is clearly recognised in the industry. Will it be recognised by the Emmys though? 

Duana says she’s actually not going to be pissed …because she has low expectations. The Emmys do not shake things up all that much. It’s often the same players, over and over again. The Americans, if nominated, would be considered in the drama series category. Here are the presumed favourites to be nominated for Outstanding Drama Series: 

The Crown
The Handmaid’s Tale 
Game Of Thrones
Stranger Things
This Is Us

Last year there were seven nominated shows. So… maybe The Americans can take the final nomination spot vacated by Better Call Saul? (Season 4 of Better Call Saul premieres in August making it ineligible this year.) It’s possible but then there’s Killing Eve. Killing Eve is shiny and new, in contention for the very first time (I’m in corny ass mood today, sorry, and I’m not leaving), and some predict that the series could earn two nominations for Best Drama Actress for Sandra Oh and Jodie Cormer – the first time in 16 years that one show produces a double in that category. And if you’ve seen Killing Eve, well, it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t belong either in the Best Actress category or in the Outstanding Drama category. Also, Sandra Oh never won an Emmy for playing Cristina Yang, one of the greatest characters in television history, WHAT THE F-CK. (Killing Eve, for those of you in Canada, will premiere July 22 on Bravo, The Handmaid’s Tale timeslot. Set your PVRs. You need this in your life.) 

If it were up to me? I’d toss Stranger Things and Westworld. Didn’t care for Stranger Things season two and, well, like Kathleen, I’ve never cared for Westworld. Are we fighting? Yeah but isn’t that what award shows are for?  

More fighting about the Emmys later. 

Yours in gossip,