We’ve entered the realm where there’s going to be a lot of debate among nerds over who is the most powerful character in the MCU, but one candidate is definitely Adam Warlock. He’s a super-space being who emerged from a cocoon, and in the comics, Adam Warlock is very involved with the Infinity Stones, so those are probably coming back around again, whoo hoo. James Gunn has been teasing his eventual involvement in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies from the beginning. There was even a post-credit scene on Volume 2 that expressly set up his creation. With Volume 3 set to start filming later this year, yesterday it was announced that Will Poulter will play Adam Warlock in the film. This is not who I was seeing as Adam AT ALL.


That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, though. Poulter has done everything from studio comedies like We’re The Millers to serious dramas like The Revenant and Underground Railroad, and he’s done the franchise thing before with The Maze Runner (remember The Maze Runner?!). He’s a very good actor and reliably great and there is no question in my mind he will make a good Adam Warlock, who, at least to start, is the kind of unsettling character Poulter excels at playing. I just have to get over it not being Dev Patel. Oh well, at least it keeps Dev Patel open to be the next James Bond (I know he said he doesn’t want it, but I still want it FOR him). As for Guardians 3, there are no details on what is going on in that movie, but with Adam Warlock involved, it’s going to be some space-time mumbo jumbo. The MCU is finally bringing all the most powerful characters to the board, and I can’t wait for the inevitable Adam Warlock vs. Loki vs. Scarlet Witch vs. Doctor Strange showdown. There’s no point to this if those characters don’t end up meeting eventually.