Justin Bieber has been teasing this for a while. Some might say he really started teasing it when Selena Gomez started releasing new music a few months ago. Selena’s new album, Rare, comes out January 10, by the way. A week earlier, on January 3, JB will be dropping a new song, “Yummy”. He also announced a new tour kicking off in May and a new docuseries.

This “super-trailer”, as Justin calls it, came out on Christmas Eve. When I watched it the first time, I texted Kathleen, asking her if he sounds different. We haven’t really heard JB speak extensively in a while. Did you watch Believe, his documentary, directed by Jon M Chu, from 2013? I mean, yeah, that was years ago. And that was a different Justin. You can hear it immediately. Who is Justin Bieber in 2020? Apparently he’s about to tell us...although releasing a first track with the title “Yummy” doesn’t get me all that excited. 

As for the new docuseries, we’ve been told that more information about it will come on YouTube on New Year’s Eve. YouTube, of course, is where it all started for JB. Will the entire docuseries be broadcast on YouTube? That’s where Simply Complicated, Demi Lovato’s documentary aired in 2017. And both she and JB are managed by Scooter Braun. 

And there’s a tour date that I immediately zoomed in on – Toronto September 10th. JB grew up in Stratford, ON, about two hours outside of Toronto. Toronto, then, is basically his hometown show. And that happens to be the first day of the Toronto International Film Festival 2020. Will JB somehow be involved in TIFF 2020? Or is that just a coincidence?