I wrote yesterday about the All In Challenge in a post about Justin Bieber. Justin’s offering to come to your place to sing “One Less Lonely Girl” at you for a donation. I said I would enter for Sasha since they style-share so that she could be a little less lonely. But she told me this morning that she’d prefer a different experience. 


Well, sh-t. I want this one too. Fly on Air Drake to LA with seven of your friends. Then party with Drake and his crew. I don’t even like LA and I’m in for this. Sasha hate parties (that don’t end before 11pm which is probably an hour before Drake’s parties usually start) and she’s down for this. And it could happen for just $10? That’s the rules. Ten entries for $10. It maxes out at two hundred entries for $100. It’s a sweepstake so, in theory, you don’t have to make a huge donation for COVID-19 relief. In theory, anyone *could* win from a $10 entry. They say, according to the rules, that it’ll be a random draw. 


Is it cynical for me to ask… how random? 

I’m a gossip columnist. Do I seriously have a chance at this? (You have to agree to a background check. That basically means no, I do not have a chance at this.) How much would you bet that whoever wins this is going to be really sexy? (Clearly not me.) But Sasha, definitely. Maybe I could be one of the seven friends. 

Of course, of course. I’m sure it’s all legit. It’s not like anyone has to submit headshots with their donation. Might be a good idea though to have your Instagram ready for inspection or throw up a few of your best photos just in case. Of all the options up there at the All In Challenge, and most of them are great, this is one is pretty sick. And … he gets to promote his plane. Click here to enter.