I had no idea who this man was when I first looked at the photo. The Fug Girls seem to feel the same way - and once you figure out who it is, you can see it. but just barely. Maybe if he was wearing a trench coat though? Do you think that would have helped? (Go Fug Yourself)


Timbaland had some sh-t to say about Britney because, I guess, he has stupidly pledged his allegiance to Justin Timberlake. And, as you might expect, the internet let him know it was a bad look. So now he's apologised and backtracked on his bullsh-t but, like, what an unnecessary own goal. Nobody was thinking about you until you decided to enter the chat. (Cele|bitchy)

We're approaching American Thanksgiving which means once again we have to have the conversation about turkey. And like I say every year, and will keep saying year after year, turkey is trash. It is dry and it is flavourless and a pain in the ass to cook and I don't know why people are so into it and insist on making it the North American holiday protein. Please do not reach out to me swearing up and down that your turkey recipe and technique ensures a moist bird. How could it possibly be more moist than bbq pork? When pork is cheaper than turkey, why would you pick the turkey over the pork? (The Mary Sue)


Over on The Squawk, Paul Mescal came up as a suggestion for the Sexiest Man Alive which I shot down, not because he's not hot but because he's not that famous yet. For those of you who are horny for him though, here's a collection of shots of him in short shorts. (OMG Blog)

There's a new book coming out about Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her style. I am obsessed with her, still. And one of the reasons I became obsessed with her was because of her looks. Could not stop staring at her outfits, I can probably catalogue each and ever single piece of clothing she was ever photographed in. My favourite - black sweater, camel pencil skirt, brown boots. Obviously I'm buying this book. (The Cut