It’s Paris Fashion Week right now. Chanel presented yesterday. And Yara Shahidi was there, wearing Chanel, of course, and pair of plastic boots which look great on her but that’s because she’s Yara. These are not boots for everyone, Karl. Speaking of Karl, Yara is obviously on his radar. Understandable if you’ve ever watched an episode of black-ish and now grown-ish. Her wardrobe on grown-ish is my life. Yara’s worn Chanel a few times at events here and there and now she’s invited to the show. Does that mean she could be repping Chanel a lot more? 



Here’s what I don’t understand. Where is Yara’s photo with Karl? Karl posed with this Who? and not Yara? 


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Am also attaching shots from the Chanel runway. The big finale wedding dress this year was a wedding tuxedo. I f-cking love it. 

Bridal Tux

As mentioned the other day in What Else, I’m currently looking for a fancy ass tuxedo for an upcoming event. This Chanel will never happen for me, but it’s my dream. 

Another notable – long shorts.  


Shorts like this have been around a long time. But you know what they remind me of? Jennifer Aniston in The Breakup era. She wore them all the time with wedges. 



I think I might be into these shorts for summer but they have to be a side or back zip. With a pair of sneakers. You?