Last year, Jordan Peele teased us with a poster for his new film, Nope, which might be a play on the way people “nope” out of things, like horror movies. When the first trailer for Nope debuted on game day, Lainey texted me that she will be nope-ing out of Nope. You know what I’m nope-ing out of? Whatever is going on with this lady who has TEETH for a FACE:

Screenshot from Nope trailer

Whatever that is? No thank you. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: teeth are the only part of our skeleton we can see, and our skeletons are NOT to be trusted. They’re just waiting for us to die so they can lounge around forever DOING NOTHING, something WE hardly ever get to do. And sometimes our teeth fall out! Our skeletons are TRYING to ESCAPE through our MOUTHS. Horrifying. 

As for what Nope is about, everyone’s guessing alien invasion because there is Something In The Sky and everyone is looking up and Keke Palmer gets sucked up into the sky, so it must be aliens. Maybe! But also, after Get Out and Us, don’t you want to just let Jordan Peele take us wherever he’s going? The older I get, the less I want to out-guess things. Surprise me, cinema! 


I do, though, love the way this looks. I love the setup, of the Black-owned horse trainers in Hollywood, hustling to get gigs, until whatever is going on goes on. And Keke Palmer, my god, you could power a whole city on her charisma. Also, Steven Yeun! In a little cowboy hat! If nothing else, I am super into the aesthetics of Nope. Just not that teeth-face lady. That’s awful. Get that off my screen forever. But the rest of it, yes. And I LOVE that line, “What’s a bad miracle?” What IS a bad miracle? Is there a word for that? I want to say “curse”, but a curse is the opposite of a blessing. I don’t want to out-guess Nope, I am happy to wait and let Jordan Peele take me on a journey. But let’s spend forever talking about bad miracles, and if they can be used to defeat our skeletons in the inevitable Boney Wars.