Dear Gossips, 

Interesting career move by Zac Efron. According to The Hollywood Reporter Zac will star in the Disney remake of Three Men and a Baby. The original movie was released in 1987 starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg, three bachelor roommates who suddenly have to look after an infant. Needless to say, while it’s initially a burden, they all end up loving baby Mary. Some of you might be all like, duh, everybody knows the plot of Three Men and a Baby but ….it’s actually 33 years old now. Older than both Prem and Cody. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had no idea about Three Men and a Baby. Which, I guess, is why Disney thinks this is a good idea – a new trio of millennial men rebooting what they think is a timeless story. Zac Efron was born the year the original Three Men and a Baby came out. 


Back then, the movie was super popular because it was funny, BACK THEN, to watch three adult men haplessly try to look after a baby. And when they do figure it out, of course people’s ovaries exploded because, well, again, it was back then. Now though… I mean unless they update it… does that sh-t still work? Is that the stereotype that should still be encouraged? It probably wouldn’t be all that funny if it was Three Women and a Baby and the three single ladies didn’t know what the f-ck to do with an infant – because, of course, women are expected to be naturally maternal and if they’re not, they’re considered biologically defective. When men aren’t, it’s comedy hour. Which might also be unfair. Because there are so many men out there raising children on their own and parenting beautifully. But like I said, maybe they’re updating it for a new generation. 

So this is Zac’s next major career move. He’ll be 33 years old in October, not quite as old as Tom Selleck and Ted Danson when they starred in the original but definitely well-positioned to play the untamable “player” character who is forced to make a life change. Which might result in a career change. Zac has been steadily seeking more mature roles as he moves deeper into his 30s. Because even though he’s been out of High School Musical for almost 15 years now, people still associate him with that time. You know how it works: fame arrests you at the entry point. 

If this is happening, then, who are the other “men” in Three Men and a Baby? My nominations are Manny Jacinto from The Good Place and Tyler James Williams who started his career in Everybody Hates Chris and who some of you might know as Noah in The Walking Dead. I watched him as the male romantic lead in a totally forgettable rom-com from last year called The Wedding Year co-starring Sarah Hyland and he is adorable. 

Your turn to make suggestions, go. 

Yours in gossip,