Zayn Malik is continuing his “mysterious” album rollout with a new single called “Sour Diesel” and an accompanying music video. Zayn hasn’t given up on the storyline music vids, no matter how many times I’ve advised him against it.

Zayn is very committed to action-heavy, mind-boggling visuals that have nothing to do with the songs he’s releasing. In the video for “Sour Diesel,” Zayn plays a vigilante hero. The song is not about a vigilante hero. It’s about weed, I think, and sex. Zayn’s commitment to being the ex-One Direction member to overtly sing about sex also hasn’t waned. I don’t really understand “Sour Diesel” but I don’t hate it either. It’s got a vibe. These sh-tty music videos are overshadowing the half-decent make-out songs Zayn is releasing.  Zayn’s upcoming sophomore solo album is clearly going to be sexy. These music videos are not. He needs a new strategy. 

I’m not into this album rollout but I am into Zayn’s new hair. Zayn was walking around New York yesterday rocking a fresh blue dye job. Sometimes I forget how handsome this kid is. LOOK AT THAT FACE. When he’s just in a grey t-shirt and jeans, it’s hard not to get distracted by that face. The only explanation for why this Smurf hair is working on Zayn is that face.  

The “Sour Diesel” music video is only available on Apple Music but you can listen to the audio below.