Are they? Best friends? Does that also mean he’s her boyfriend? 

Zendaya and Jacob Elordi have been spending a lot of time together since they met on Euphoria. They’ve gone on holiday together. He’s taken her sightseeing in Australia and to his hometown. They’ve been spotted out at the movies. He’s spent time with her family. And last week they were in New York, with his family, at an event last week where she presented him with an award. 

Late last year, Jacob told Australian GQ that Z is “like my sister”, seemingly denying the rumours that they’re dating. At the awards ceremony last week, Z referred to Jacob as her “best friend”. Husbands and husbands and husbands and wives and wives and wives refer to each other as “best friends” all the time. Comparing a possible girlfriend to a sister is kinda weird, but it’s been done before. Taylor Swift did it in a song called “Call It What You Want” about Joe Alwyn. Still, I feel like they’re both clearly aware of the speculation about their relationship and doing the most to downplay it without outright lying. 

So here they are, in New York yesterday, looking like it could be a date but also like it could also just be super friendly, until he’s sitting beside her on a bench and seems to be kissing the side of her head. It’s not a makeout but…

It’s a lot more intimate than any of the pap shots of Z when she was doing the are they/aren’t they with Tom Holland and 99% of the world was convinced then that they were definitely dating. They look happy. I’m happy they’re happy. Kathleen is happy but she would be happier if Zomdaya, as she called them, was still a thing. But she should know more than most that young love is the most fragile. These kids are still only 22/23. There is still so much more loving to be done.