Please note that this is the first of two Zendaya fashion posts today. Because I’ve been holding on posting some of her looks from the weekend while waiting for last night’s Challengers premiere in LA to combine it all in one article. But then it was suuuuuuch a moment when she showed up on the carpet last night, and then changed into another winner for the after-party that it became too much to jam into one. Rookie move on my part – how could I have possibly underestimated her last major look of this press tour? Dumb bitch, that’s me. 


To keep with the tennis analogy, if we’re looking at Zendaya’s promotional events like the tennis circuit, after all the stops she’s made around the world with the rest of the cast, and though she still has some junketing to do on the weekend, this is the last premiere. They started in Australia, where the first slam of the tennis season happens. Then it was Paris and London, similar order to the French Open and Wimbledown. And now? Back to America, for tennis’s fourth slam, the US Open… part one. 


Because the US Open takes place in Flushing, New York. And you know what happens in New York just ten days after Challengers opens in theatres? The Met Gala. That’s part two. That’ll be the overhead smash in the final slam to seal this championship! I f-cking love how all this has come together! 

So… back to this look last night… it’s a dream. It is perfection. It’s winning straight sets, at love. This Vera Wang photographs spectacularly but in video you can really appreciate the flawless construction. 


Everything just looks so… rich and royal, substantial and light at the same time. But also deadly if she needs to be. That’s the vibe of the corset with all it’s sharp angles and points, the straps dangling low, creating vampiric arches that look like fangs. But also, if you really want to make it work with the theme, turn her upside down and she looks like a trophy. And topped off with just the perfect almost-an-afterthought bun and sparing with the accessories. You don’t need them. She herself is bringing the glitter. 

God it’s always just so f-cking good, how do they keep doing this, Zendaya and Law, howwwww? 

And that was one of two. The second – literally a tennis ball dress, in tennis ball colour, held together with a ball at the navel. 


It’s too much I have to go lie down now, only I can’t because these f-cking fashion geniuses, I have to write the other post!