Look, I know we’ve retired Zendaya from style consideration because she’s too good, just too f-cking good, and she’d be best dressed every time if she was still in the running. But we have to talk about what she wore to the Critics’ Choice Awards last night. We can’t not talk about what she and Law Roach did. 

Z wore Tom Ford, a bustier that looks like it was melted onto her body, Terminator vibes. It’s funky and sexy and not boring and not safe and she worked the f-ck out of the look with her hair and the attitude and the posing – as always, Z is breathtaking, as always Z wins. 

But it’s a double win. A win on top of a win. Because this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it. And recently! Last week, Gwyneth Paltrow covered Harper's Bazaar in the very same piece!


And it’s not like G didn’t get any play from that cover. And it’s not like you don’t know how these situations work. It is very, very, very, very rare for someone to wear something that someone else has already worn – and so prominently. Also? Zendaya has all kinds of options. If she’d decided on this Tom Ford and then saw the Gwyneth cover, there would have been options. She had other choices, no problem. It’s Zendaya. Everybody wants to dress Zendaya. But Zendaya DID IT ANYWAY.  

That is a flex. 

It is was 100% a “yeah, we’re still going ahead with the Tom Ford because we’re making it our own and by the time we’re done with it, no one else is going to remember anyone else”. Correct. Now that’s some Big Dick Energy. Can this please be Zendaya’s new superpower? Imagine if, going forward, all she ever wears is dresses and outfits that other famous people have worn before? Also, does that count as sustainable fashion?