Usually it’s the other way around, Law Roach styling Zendaya, but this time for FASHION Magazine, it’s Zendaya’s turn to style Law. And there’s some wonderful symmetry here because in previous years, on the cover of FASHION, it was of course Zendaya on the cover with Law overseeing her looks. Zendaya has learned well from Law, the image architect, the co-architect of her own image. 


Law and Zendaya came up together. Zendaya has become a superstar – on the screen and on the red carpet. Law too has become a superstar, now the creative director for several brands and contributing editor for British Vogue and the star of his own HBO series, Legendary. On top of his client list. While, of course, continuing to work on Z’s many, many, many appearances. 

For me their origin story continues to be one of my favourites, because it didn’t always start off with Valentino and Loewe and so many major labels throwing clothes their way. In the beginning they were rejected. And that’s when Law came up with a strategy: 

“…he would purposefully pull pieces that other celebrities had worn to ensure that Zendaya would appear in the now-extinct “who wore it best” tabloid column.”


As Law tells FASHION though, that creative pivot was critical to his own professional development: 

“Because these luxury labels said no for so long, I was forced to find other ways to dress her,” he says. “And I think she’s proof that you don’t need to wear big brands to become a fashion girl. We did it on our own.”

Here’s my weekly reminder about how clothes can make a star, why clothes are part of the work, and why clothes are not unimportant. What Zendaya wore, literally, kickstarted her career. 

But what about what she doesn’t wear? 

Law very famously said in 2018 that after Zendaya broke out, the big labels started calling…and he wasn’t picking up. Or, rather, he passed. Politely. During a roundtable discussion with THR, Law explained: 

“Zendaya made it to the cover of Vogue, she has never worn Valentino, she has never worn Gucci, she has never worn Chanel. She only wore Dolce when she got a Dolce campaign.”

It’s changed with Valentino now though. Because they came with the cash. It must have been a LOT of cash for both Z and Law to accept – the ultimate flex. 


As for what it would be like to work with Law, like if you can afford it? I’ve talked to two actresses who have wanted to… but his fee is high, as it should be. His fee is his fee because, again, he’s an image architect: the way he styles a person has a direct impact on their professional success beyond what they’re wearing. The fee, then, is an investment. He has proved that he’s worth the investment. 

So if you decide to make that investment, Law reveals to FASHION what it’s like to have him architect your image. Read the profile for what that looks like.