A few weeks ago, Tom Holland was seen with a woman who is Not Zendaya. Tom and Not Zendaya looked pretty coupled. For fans who’ve been hoping that Zomdaya or Zendalland (depending if you’re a Kathleen or a Sarah) were True Love Forever, this was a crushing blow. Some people wonder if there was ever a Zomdaya or Zendalland to begin with. Kathleen would want me to tell you that just because Tom’s with someone else doesn’t mean he and Z were never together. Fine, but what does it matter now? They haven’t been hanging out. And not only that, Zendaya’s spending time with someone else.

She was on holiday in Greece this week with her family. You know who came with? 

Jacob Elordi costars with Zendaya in Euphoria. You also know him from The Kissing Booth. He and Joey King used to be a thing. Now they’re shooting the sequel – is that awkward? He and Joey showed up regularly on each other’s Instagram feeds all the time when they were dating. After that he wiped his IG and reloaded it back in November 2018, no more evidence of his past relationship. 

Now he’s invited to go on holiday with Zendaya and her family. And, at her birthday party last week, fans think this is him in the video below holding her dog: 

Holidays and birthdays…

Just friends? 

Is it like how he and Tom Holland were/are “just friends”? 

Or more? 

(Thanks J!)