Listen, I’m all about Tom Holland’s performance as Rihanna on Lip Sync Battle. I’m into it for all the reasons Lainey listed earlier today. He nailed it. He committed. It was glorious. But Tom Holland was battling the only person who could bring the same level of commitment and gloriousness. Of course, I’m talking about my girl Zendaya. As Sarah and Lainey have mentioned, the two of them have already been adorable on the Spider-Man press circuit but this lip sync battle took it to another level. I don’t want this press tour to end. Ever.

Zendaya saw Tom Holland’s Rihanna and raised him a Bruno Mars. She took on Bruno’s hit 24k Magic. How did we not know how much Bruno and Zendaya look alike? There are frames of this performance that are so SPOT ON, I did a few double takes. If Bruno wasn’t approximately 3 feet shorter than Zendaya, you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. She’s got the mannerisms, the choreography, the EVERYTHING. I’m dying.

When she showers Tom Holland in dollar bills? These two. We need that GIF, stat.

Update - we have that GIF:

If that flawless take on Bruno Mars wasn’t enough, Zendaya’s other lip sync performance is even better. She performed Erykah Badu’s classic song, Tyrone. Here’s where I think Zendaya comes out on top as the winner of this battle. This song takes a certain innate sense of cool to pull off. There is no one else like Erykah Badu. This song is slow. It’s not flashy. It’s just Zendaya and a mic stand. It requires some real confidence. If anyone else other than Badu herself attempted this, I would probably have rolled my eyes. Instead, I’ve watched this 5 times this morning already.

ZENDAYA DID THAT. God, I love that song.

Also, I love that Tom Holland is singing along in the background. These two could teach a lesson in selling the sh-t out of a movie.