Sarah wrote yesterday about the new Spider-Man clip that aired during the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Sunday. About how cute and nerdy Tom Holland and his friend, Jacob Batalon, are together. They are, indeed, really, really cute. And I am getting really, really excited to see this movie. And not just because, as Sarah told us a few months ago, RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow are back together (Pepperony!).

You know what’s cuter than that movie clip though?

Tom Holland on Lip Sync Battle, have you seen it yet?

First of all, it should be no surprise that Tom can dance. He has the Billy Elliott experience. So this kind of choreography wouldn’t be hard for him to learn, to pick up, easily. For me though, it’s not just the moves – it’s the attitude. Swagger attitude, yes. But mostly attitude as in the spirit of fun. He is having so much fun. And you can tell because he’s letting go. You could say that all seasoned stage performers know how to let go – but the point of being a member of the audience is how you respond when a performer delivers just as much as professionally necessary and when a performer goes free and has given himself over to abandonment. For over two hours, when I was at Hamilton a couple of weeks ago, this is what I saw from every actor in the company. And that’s one of the reasons why I passed Duana’s Hamilton test on this week’s episode of Show Your Work. Nobody on stage is doing nothing. Everyone on stage, even the ones without speaking roles, especially the ones without speaking roles, is totally committed.

And that’s what I felt from Tom Holland watching him on Lip Sync Battle. I LOVE him.