Breakfast Club Spider-Man

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While Warner Brothers drags their heels on Wonder Woman’s marketing, Sony is not letting the grass grow and is uncapping the Spider-Man: Homecoming marketing two full months before the movie’s release in July. They premiered a clip during the MTV Movie Awards and it’s totally adorable. It also makes a stronger case for this movie than the last trailer did, despite the lack of RDJ.

It’s because the focus is not on the effects or the gadgets or Tony Stark, it’s on Peter and his friend, Ned (played by Jacob Batalon), who in one reaction shot does more to establish the coolness of the Avengers than anything Hawkeye has ever done. Marvel movies excel when they focus on character, and that’s what we’re getting here—the Full Marvel Character Treatment.

Tom Holland is just so cute as Peter Parker, and his straight-up terror of Aunt May finding out about his Avengering is charming. Look how freaked out he is! Any kid who has ever hidden any kind of contraband knows that look. Are we all superheroes with a secret identity? No. But we’ve all shoved a joint or a dildo or a smutty book under the bed. In that way, we’ve all been Peter.

But they don’t stop with Peter. Ned geeking out over his friend’s side job is super cute, and then there is Zendaya—LOOK AT HER. Burn Out Zendaya Who Doesn’t Give A F*ck is my new jam. (Downside: I’ve heard she’s not in it very much. Upside: When she is, she’s terrific.) It’s Breakfast Club Spider-Man and Zendaya is the new Ally Sheedy. I’m into that.

They’re relying on RDJ/Tony Stark to goose this movie along, but this clip does a good job showing that there is way more to enjoy than Stark antics. This is the perfect tone for a clip airing during the MTV Movie Awards, with its primarily teenaged audience, which is how movie marketing is supposed to work. You consider your asset, you consider your audience, and you find the tone that best suits both, like releasing a clip centered on Peter and his dorky friends to the teen audience of MTV. Not like pairing Wonder Woman with a f*cking Imagine Dragons song, and then not even getting that trailer out to a bunch of people already willing to show up for superhero movies. I’m going to bitter about this for a while.


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