Probably not, technically. And yet…

Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum did not walk the carpet together at the Met Gala but, as we saw, they left together and they were also seen at the same hotel in between the event and the after-party and, after changing, they went to the after-party together too. I’m attaching those photos with this article since we haven’t posted them yet. 


Vogue’s Instagram account has continued sharing behind-the-scenes content in the days since the Met Gala wrapped and here’s the latest entry: 


Daniel Arnold was Vogue-approved to roam the event and, evidently, free-shoot candid moments. And this is the lead shot that Vogue chose to put on their feed, out of all the other options they had. Because their social media editors must know about the gossip. And what gossip we’d get out of this shot. As so many people immediately pointed out, he’s holding her bag. That’s a date move. Your date is the one who holds your bag, everybody knows this. So while it’s not Instagram Official, it’s official-adjacent, isn’t it? Vogue is pretty f-cking official. 

If I had to guess, between the two of them, it would be Chan to post about Zoë, if they do at all. Not sure if I see that happening, but my point is if it does, it would be on his account, right?