It’s been a week since we got our first look at Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Selina Kyle. As Sarah wrote in her post last week about the new trailer for The Batman at DC Fandome, from the preview it looks like Selina, as the “most significant woman in Bruce’s life”, should get a lot of airtime in the movie, because her peculiar relationship with Bruce Wayne seems to be a focus here. If we were to study Zoë’s career then, say in three to five years, our class might be divided in two blocks: one semester for pre-Selina and one that analyses the effect of Selina and being in this movie, and how professionally things change for her. She is currently in pre-production for her directorial feature debut from an original screenplay she wrote called Pussy Island (in partnership with Channing Tatum). Do other projects get greenlit quicker for her after The Batman? Will funding be more available? 


Speaking of Channing, they were first seen together in New York in August and then they were together at the Met Gala. That was summer and now it’s fall, and here they are holding hands and with their arms around each other while out for a walk yesterday so if you were out there wondering if this is still happening, here’s the confirmation. 

By the way, Zoë and Chan still aren’t quite Instagram official. After the Met Gala, he reposted a story from Alicia Keys’s feed of the three of them together along with Moses Sumney but they’re not even standing side by side, I don’t know if that counts. Zoe’s Instagram was recently scrubbed… and this is the only shot left on her feed: 


So to go back to The Batman discussion and what it will mean for her career, looks like she’s putting a lot of emphasis on it too. 

Summer, Fall, and the next season for Zoë and Chan? The holiday season, always a test for relationships, even celebrity ones.