Zoë Kravitz was photographed in a blue wig a few days ago in LA on the set of Steven Soderbergh’s KIMI proving that, clearly, there is no hairstyle and no hair colour that she can’t make work. Right? Zoë plays a woman who never leaves her apartment, and her job doesn’t require her to – she works in tech. But then she happens to have evidence of a crime but no one is paying attention when she tries to report it and, probably, I would imagine, in reporting it she’s now vulnerable and in danger so she’s forced to confront her greatest fear: going outside. This story seems particularly apt for these times. 


In other Zoë news, the last time we talked about her it was when the internet, us included, really wanted her and Taylour Paige to be “a thing”, which is what she called it on Instagram. I guess we showed our asses because Zoë’s “thing” showed up a few days later with Cree Summer: 


This is exciting in a totally different way, “different” being the operative word. Because there are some of us who are old enough to care very deeply about A Different World and Cree, of course, is Zoë’s godmother. Cree and Lisa Bonet are close friends. So now I’m feeling nostalgic and want to show you some old photos. Here are Cree and Lisa in 2003 at the Biker Boyz premiere:

Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer at the Biker Boyz premiere, January 2003

And Cree, Lisa, and a teen Zoë that same year at a promotional event: 

Lisa Bonet, Cree Summer, and Zoe Kravitz at LG Mobile Phones celebrate Sirens & Sailors fashion show and cocktail reception, August 2003

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by good genes.