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How they grow.

I asked Emma Watson last year why she and Rupert and DanRad weren’t in rehab or involved in weekly car accidents. I asked her why they hadn’t been arrested yet.

Both she and Daniel agreed that it was the British upbringing. That even though they were actors, it made a difference to grow up away from Hollywood. In Emma’s case, she wanted to go to school, was expected to continue at school, and in her mind, it’s her real life, non celebrity friends who’ve kept her grounded.

Sort of…

Emma Watson is now a full fledged fashion girl. She spent the summer with Anna Wintour’s daughter Bee, is now reportedly the new face of Chanel, front row at several shows during London fashion week, and a new spread in Vogue Italia (select images attached) and suddenly Hermione Granger is all couture and not so much casual.

Reminds me of an amazing piece of gossip I heard a few weeks ago – an Emma sighting while shopping in Paris. She was with her girlfriends browsing through shoes, Emma leading the way, and one of her girls mentioned something about going to the Gap, at which point Emma admonished in her Hermione voice: “No! Why would you want to go to the Gap???”

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

More photos of Emma in Vogue, click here.

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