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Emma Watson singing

February 21, 2017 18:03:35 Posted at February 21, 2017 18:03:35
Lainey Posted by Lainey

You know what everyone has an opinion on, even if they aren’t qualified to have an opinion on it? Singing. I sing good (to no one but myself). And I have all kinds of opinions on who can sing and who can’t sing. I know you do too. We all do. Apparently because we have ears. For those of us who have the luxury of being able to hear, we often think that that’s the only requirement to judge a singing voice. Full Story

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LEGO Batman is the hero we need

February 17, 2017 16:09:16 Posted at February 17, 2017 16:09:16
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Dave Kotinsky/ Jim Spellman/ Roy Rochlin/ Getty Images

Matt Damon will try to be the white savior in The Great Wall this weekend but he’s going to get beat by LEGO Batman. So if you haven’t seen it yet… The LEGO Batman Movie gets you laughing right from the start, with Batman (Will Arnett Full Story

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dear Gossips,

Like Sarah, I love John Wick. I love the mystique. Who doesn’t want to be talked about the way people talk about John Wick? I haven’t seen John Wick: Chapter 2 yet (read Sarah’s review here  Read Full Intro