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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 2, 2016 15:03:22 September 2, 2016 15:03:22

Winona Ryder on Jimmy Kimmel last night. He says invited her because everyone keeps talking about Stranger Things, the breakout hit of the summer. And the show that, finally, brought Winona back, even though I’m not sure we should call it a comeback because was she really trying to come back? As we know, Winona doesn’t care about that sh-t. That sh-t is way worse now that it was when she was at her most famous. The comeback then is more about what we want, probably, than what she wants. Which is why watching her interview with Kimmel was the first thing I did when I turned on my laptop this morning.

No, she doesn’t tell all her secrets. No, this probably doesn’t qualify as a “viral” moment. But you know what made it for me? She mentions Lucas. Just the fact that she says Lucas is enough for me. I love that movie. How long has it been since you saw that movie? A long, long time for me. Will I still love it? I’m afraid I won’t love it because my eyes are growing. I will though, right? Of course I’ll still love it.

Anyway, Winona also talks about other jobs and babysitting Tom Waits’s kids and I’m listening to her voice and I can’t stop thinking about her voice. It’s higher here than it is when she’s in character, higher than when she speaks as Joyce on Stranger Things. Higher because she’s nervous or because this is who she is, this is how she self-separates from who she plays?

Wenn, Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

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