Why is it 73 Questions? I’ve never bothered to find out. Does it have anything to do with 1973? This is my birth year. I’m going to go with that as the answer.

Anyway, the 73 Questions series was getting kinda stale, non? I don’t think I’ve written about a 73 Questions since…maybe Emma Stone? This time, however, VOGUE has given us a 73 Questions with Tracee Ellis-Ross. Who is never stale, never boring.

For starters, she is adorable and her house is adorable and I love that she has four lemon trees. I never have a lemon when I need a lemon. It would be so great just to walk out the back of your house and just pick a lemon. But it’s not just about the lemons. It’s about the fact that Tracee, clearly, put some thought into what she wanted her 73 Questions to say about her. Obviously it’s not an accident that her brother, Evan, is there with his wife, Ashlee. I’ve never cared about Ashlee Simpson. But Tracee must care about Ashlee if Ashlee was invited to show up in her 73 Questions. Now Ashlee Simpson’s standing has improved – at least in my mind.

Also? All those magazines, all those issues of VOGUE from around the world that Tracee has stacked in the living room. So she’s a longtime VOGUE reader. She’s naturally thrilled about being featured by VOGUE now, sure. That’s the immediate takeaway. You know what the subtle takeaway is though? She’s a good host. That’s what good hosts do. When they invite you over the show you how welcome you are by, perhaps, stocking up on your favourite drink, or putting out the gift you gave them the last time you were over, maybe a photograph of you, or introducing other guests to the great line of napkins you are producing. Tracee wasn’t just telling VOGUE that she’s a fan. She was being a gracious host.

My favourite out of all of Tracee’s 73 answers? The fact that she wants to be her own style icon. We have seen her, over the last year or so, finally being recognised by designers in Paris and New York during fashion week. And at the Emmys, where she was the only one in Chanel. But also at the MET Gala – which, she says, happens to be her favourite look of all time. It was here first time at the MET Gala. And, ahem, as I predicted beforehand, she would be on the best dressed. She was indeed.

Please, let’s revisit that outfit. On theme. Beautifully styled. And one to remember for a long, long time.

Tracee’s 73 Questions is timed, of course, with the upcoming season 4 premiere of black-ish. So excited for the return of black-ish. Look, it’s Devante! He’s been photoshopped onto Dre’s back!

Also attached - Tracee leaving the gym in LA the other day.