It’s been a while since Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard have been photographed together. Which is why so many people assumed that they’d broken up. Here they are today in New York, together. Another example of how not being photographed together sometimes doesn’t mean anything. Like the time it happened with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes and then, after it was reported that they were over, they went and had a baby.

Anyway, Alexa and Alex, still a thing.

But that’s really not the thing to be talking about when we’re talking right now about Alexander Skargard, is it? Not if you watch Big Little Lies. He is EXCELLENT in Big Little Lies. The best he’s ever been, like so many other members of the cast. Perry is not one-dimensional. You saw that when he and Celeste went to therapy together, his admission that he feels insecure, that (in his mind) she makes him feel inadequate. You saw it last week when he wept at the airport. Yes, of course, he’s a controlling, manipulative asshole. But it comes from somewhere. Perry is written so that we understand what that is – and that’s not to excuse his behaviour, of course not, but to give it context, to make it real. Real because it happens all the time, in real life, in real homes, every day. And so, often, that’s why she stays.

I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow, before the new episode on Sunday. For now though, if you haven’t been watching Big Little Lies, get on it. This show is doing more for Alexander Skarsgard’s career than Tarzan ever could.