Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender each received awards at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday, but while the two walked the red carpet separately and were not photographed together at the event, they are definitely still a couple. The two also staggered their arrivals to not distract from the other’s achievements, but there was no hiding it.

Both USA Today and Deadline report Alicia and Michael are very much “on.” The former notes the two were spotted together earlier that day at the Parker Palm Springs hotel and the latter reports they were seated at separate tables side-by-side and left together after taking home their trophies. According to Deadline, Alicia also told her table that she and Michael wrote their acceptance speeches while playing Yahtzee together on their flight to the festival. Yahtzee on a plane? You can’t make that up.

On stage, Alicia thanked her The Danish Girl co-star Eddie Redmayne and director Tom Hooper, while also giving a shout out to certain members of the transgender community who helped her prepare for her role. Michael took a cheekier approach with his speech and acknowledged the “unfortunate” box office of Steve Jobs for its studio Universal, before joking, “Thank God for Jurassic World!”

It’s also possible the two travelled to Hollywood together after the festival. Michael co-hosted a Steve Jobs Q&A with his co-star Kate Winslet in LA on Sunday, while Alicia was photographed in the Hollywood Hills.



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Could this strategy be a sign of their couple style for awards season? The Golden Globes are this Sunday. Alicia has two nominations for The Danish Girl and Ex Machina, and Michael, of course, is honoured for his work in Steve Jobs. It’s unlikely that the two will walk the red carpet together and if they don’t sit at the same table, maybe it’ll just be commercial breaks and coordinated trips to the bar.

For what it’s worth, Michael and Alicia have never walked a red carpet together as a couple. She supported him at the World Premiere of Steve Jobs at NYFF back in October, but once again, the two never posed together. So, if they do walk together at the Globes, it would be their first time, and would make for a huge statement about both their artistic and romantic strength.

Not that Alicia needs any help in making a splash, though. After calling her own Chastain-esque ascent in 2015, she rebounded from a backhanded and cringeworthy New York Times profile with two Globe nominations, a SAG Award nom and a VOGUE cover story and a redo from The New York Times and just when Academy members are finalising their nominations. (Lainey: Amber Heard would kill for this opportunity.)