As you saw on Sunday, Andrew Garfield gave Emma Stone a standing ovation when she was named  Best Actress Comedy/Musical. There was a report, I think it was in Page Six, earlier this week about how they were allegedly trying to avoid each other on Golden Globe night which seemed pretty ridiculous considering this is what they looked like just two days before at the AFI Awards:

In other words, it doesn’t seem to be an awkward award season at all for Emma and Andrew, having to be at the same event after event together. And they each speak lovingly about each other too. Andrew is currently promoting Silence and joined Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast this week where he was asked about their relationship. This is about as sweet and kind and more-than-amicable as it gets:

Fans of Emma and Andrew (“Stonefield”) have been hoping for a reconciliation. I don’t know about a reconciliation. The passionate side of their relationship might have run its course, leaving behind the affection and the profound care they have for one another. That’s actually even sweeter, don’t you think?

Here’s Andrew on Late Night with Seth Meyers and signing autographs for fans in New York last night.