What did you do this weekend? Was it an Orange Is The New Black weekend? Jacek was in Montreal for the F1 leaving me at home, alone, with the dogs. And OITNB. SO f-cking good. And how am I relating them to Brange?

Brange, Maddox, and Miss Zahara were at LAX this weekend. As you can see, Angelina is wearing the dreaded kitten heel. There was a line in OITNB (I think episode 8 or 9) about the kitten heel:

She always wore kitten heels. You know how grandmother felt about that. The boiled carrots of footwear.


Kitten heels ARE indeed the boiled carrots of footwear.

But then again, the Jolie very rarely gives us a fashion fist-pump anyway.

And Brad with his favourite outfit, his favourite pants, but this time with a special t-shirt. That looks like him in his pageboy cap. And I guess that’s Jolie standing beside him. And the speculation is that one of the Brange kids made this drawing. Now we have a new top contender for Father’s Day gift ideas.