Here is Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Doctor Strange, which has begun production just days after Cumberbatch finished his run as Hamlet on the West End. They’re on location in Nepal, which means that Tilda F*cking Swinton is probably around, too, since it’s her character that Stephen Strange meets in Nepal. Everyone is super curious to see how Marvel portrays/references Nepal, given their tetchy relationship with China and the ever-increasing importance of the Chinese box office. Some people think Swinton got the role she did—an ancient Tibetan man in the comics—because a white lady is less politically loaded than a Tibetan man in China. That probably crossed someone’s mind at Marvel, but I’ve also heard that Swinton just wanted that role and they gave it to her because she is SWINTON.

Back to Cumberbatch, because he’s in the “wandering soul” portion of the story arc, he’s sporting long hair and a big gross sadness beard, and I’m sure Lainey will pick the worst photos of him to attach to this post as revenge for me bringing up James McAvoy’s snot bubbles yesterday. Go ahead, because this is not Stephen Strange’s permanent look, but McAvoy will continue making movies in which he blows snot everywhere. I’ll take a temporary sadness beard over that any day.

(Lainey: OK, you asked.)