For the last year or so, Gigi Hadid has been the most high profile Hadid. Her sister, Bella, who models too, has never had the same level of hype. At least not until Selena Gomez started dealing with her ex, The Weeknd. So you know that last week, Selena and Abel were papped after dinner, with their arms all over each other and kissing. Selena and Gigi are friends through Taylor Swift. Gigi and Bella tried to tell TMZ the other day that Gigi and Selena were actually “best” friends. Amateur move. Even the most casual gossip knows that while Selena and Gigi have connections, they’ve never been known to hang on their own. Selena’s sources quickly made the correction, clarifying that Taylor is the link and that, really, Selena and Gigi aren’t close at all, simply acquaintances. Which means that Selena, in their minds, in dating Gigi’s little sister’s ex-boyfriend, isn’t committing an egregious friend violation.

Bella was in New York all weekend with Gigi and their mother. And the paps were all over them. Here’s what Bella posted on Instagram a couple of days ago:


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Meant for the photographers? Or for Selena? I’m not sure she’s complaining about the photographers. Bella Hadid has never been more famous.

You know what I love about this situation though? Back in the day, after Britney and Justin broke up, they ran into each other at a club and got into a fight. That fight escalated… into a dance-off. A dance-off! That dance-off is probably one of the greatest moments of all time in gossip history. It was even parodied on Saturday Night Live with Matt Damon playing the part of Justin Timberlake and Amy Poehler as Britney Spears. How long has it been since you’ve seen these photos? How happy are you right now?

Britney and Justin SNL Dance-off spoof

Britney and Justin SNL Dance-off spoof

Britney and Justin SNL Dance-off spoof

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by those jeans. LOOK AT HIS JEANS!

Anyway, August will mark the 15th anniversary of that infamous dance-off. Dance-offs don’t happen anymore. But, as The Awl noted in 2009, that dance-off defined the gossip of that generation. Reality television was on the rise. Competition shows were on the rise. This was competition among the biggest of celebrities.

In this generation though, when reality television is now a grandfather and social media is the cool kid, and life is lived through filtered images, has the dance-off been replaced by the … body-off?

This is what Bella Instagrammed when news broke that Selena and Abel are a thing:


goodnight🌙 love and light to you all..happy to be home💛

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This is a photo of Selena that photographer Mert Alas posted when news broke that Selena and Abel are a thing:

Mert has since removed the image but before he deleted it, he tagged The Weeknd. 

The internet is forever so it doesn’t matter that Mert tried to wipe it, this shot is basically immortal. And everyone was talking about it. So. Bella and Gigi hit the gym yesterday. They boxed. Bella dropped into some squats to work on her glutes. Bella’s ass is just as firm and round as Selena’s, OK?

At post time, Selena has yet to respond. Is the body-off over? Or will there be another move?

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