It was the biggest celebrity split of the year: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. In April he shows up in Eastern Canada, looking busted on a gas station security monitor, and I heard he was accompanied at the time, allegedly, by a brown haired woman who was not his wife. Supposedly they were holding hands. Two months later, the Afflecks announce their separation and head off to the Bahamas to ride out the media storm. Joining them on the trip – the nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

Chrissy O!

And then somehow…this happened:


Taken on a private jet. Cozy with her shoes off, straddling two seats, and wearing all four of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings. It’s my favourite photo of the year. It was probably your favourite photo of the year. Because oh my God the yield, the gossip yield from this one shot!

It yielded a summer of scrutiny, not only on the Affleck-Garner marriage, but on the presumed perfection of the Brady-Bundchen marriage. And we still don’t know how this got to Page Six. Sort of.

I mean, didn’t we soon learn that Chrissy O wasn’t to be trifled with? Remember, this is the first photo she posted to Instagram after she was introduced to the world:

“She’s just a girl and she’s on fire.” Chrissy O refused to hide. Chrissy O showed us her drop top Lexi.

She led the paps around LA in that drop top Lexi. One day she even delivered fresh fruit and snacks to them as they were waiting outside her friend’s house. For two weeks in August, Chrissy O stayed in our faces, and in Ben’s face, always with a fresh blowout, kicking off a pop culture conversation about nannies, and whether or not they should only look like Mrs Doubtfire.

And then, for some reason, Chrissy O went underground, only to resurface in November, reunited with her ex-fiance, in the Bahamas, where she’s said to be living “indefinitely”. Click here for a refresher. In just 6 months, Chrissy O went from nanny life to permanent beach life… 

While Ben Affleck looked like this from the front:

And this from the back: